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REYAD HOSEIN Saturday, August 19 2017

THERE is a dire need for medical doctors to update their medical education, but according to public relations officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association (TTMA) Dr Austin Trinidade, the Medical Board is dragging its feet on the issue.

It is both in the interest of the doctor and the patient he said. In an interview with Newsday on Wednesday, Trinidade who is a ear, nose and throat surgeon, said that the objective of continuous medical education is to update doctors on current medical practice or what is currently accepted as best medical practice. However, he said doctors can update their knowledge by reading journals or listening to experts in various specialities in the field of medicine.

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 A surge of patients at the Accident and Emergency Ward of the Port of Spain General Hospital caused the Regional Authority in charge of it to seek assistance from other R-H-A's yesterday.

The President of the Registered Nurses Association says the hospital temporarily closed its A&E ward because of the situation.
The CEO of the North West Regional Health Authority says that is not so.

Juhel Browne spoke with both of them today to find out what really happened.

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Source: www.tv6tnt.com

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