New Years Day Address Jan 2019

It is with resounding thanks and commendation that I extend New Year’s greetings to the Nursing Fraternity of Trinidad and Tobago. While some could entertain nostalgia, others were too busy to even hum “Auld Lang Syne”, as 2019 was ushered into our workplaces and homes nurses were providing care around the clock. Ours is a noble profession which demands a lot of sacrifice, and with the changing world economic climate, greater demands are being placed on our nation’s healthcare system.

Nurses globally are under strain, but we must stand our ground and push harder to yield the best outcomes and ensure our patients are given optimal care. Going forward we should accept the challenges which face us with renewed vigor. Our brothers’/sisters’ keeper we should be. Encourage each other to give best practice as our union repeatedly calls upon the employers to equip the nurses with the required strength and materials to serve a rapidly growing population.

Guided by the International Council of Nurses campaign “Nursing Now”, we must all refocus and shift into high gear to realize Nursing’s fullest potential in Trinidad & Tobago. We urge the government to hasten legislation to re-classify the Nursing profession and to allow Nurse Practitioners to Practice.

TTRNA fully supports the development of Nurses and continues to make representation, standing up against injustice, bullying and unfair practices in the workplace. Continuing education and research are imperative for the development of nurses so too is recognition and appropriate remuneration for each achievement.

The road is long and may at times be rocky but with servitude and dedication the TTRNA Executive invites all nursing personnel to walk with us towards our goals as our many nurse pioneers have paved the way for us. Let us take time to re-evaluate our contributions in our workplaces and in service to our clients. Are we active enough in our association? How can we best effect change and positive outcomes for our patients, our workplaces and by extension our country?

As the African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far go together”. Let us continue to give our best and may we all have a bright and prosperous new year!

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